Hydrating Eye Cream by Bobbi Brown

The Hydrating Eye Cream by Bobbi Brown is by far the most no fuss eye cream I’ve ever used!

The consistency is just creamy enough without being too heavy.

It’s mildly scented, but not offensive or irritating.

It’s light enough to be used during the daytime under concealer, but hydrating enough to also work some overnight magic.

It contains Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, as well as Jojoba Seed, Avocado, and Squalene oil.

It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul, but the delicate area surrounding these magical windows is also the first area to unforgivingly remind us that we are no longer spring chickens.

I’m okay with aging.

I’m okay with laugh lines.

What I’d rather avoid is looking tired, despite having had a full night’s sleep.

As I’ve said before, eye treatments are the skincare splurge I can justify.

At 50.00 bucks for a tiny jar, this purchase took a lot of justifying.

I am glad that I took the plunge because the Hydrating Eye Cream is lovely.

I didn’t notice any fine lines disappearing, but what I did notice almost immediately was a change in the texture of my under eye area.

My dehydrated dry under eyes became plumper within days.

They Hydrating Eye Cream doesn’t contain retinol so it’s not ideal for reversing signs of aging, but it is great for minimizing the look of fine lines by hydrating and plumping out the area under the eyes.

I love to layer this over retinol eye treatments as it counteracts the drying effect of retinol without interfering or interacting with the retinol.

I’m currently working my way through my 4th jar of the Hydrating Eye Cream.

I tend to come back to it time and time again following expensive, and often disappointing forays into more exotic offerings.