Real Techniques Brushes

It’s really impressive to see the manner in which Sam and Nic Chapman, the famous Youtube makeup artists, have transitioned from making online tutorials to heading their own makeup empires.

Their insight as trained makeup artists has provided them with a great advantage in creating functional, yet affordable makeup application tools.

Their brushes are a great, pocket friendly option for any makeup artists or enthusiast.

Some are offered in kits, while others can be purchased individually.

Though kits are good for providing more bang for your buck, I’m not crazy about the fact that the brushes offered in kits cannot be purchased individually.

That aside, I appreciate that all the brushes are synthetic and cruelty free.

The brushes and the bristles are quite sturdy, wash beautifully, and I have yet to experience any shedding.

These are the brushes I tend to have on regular rotation:

Real Techniques Brushes

Buffing Brush (BB): This seemed to be the most coveted of the bunch. I use the BB for powder foundation application, but find it too loose for liquid foundation.

Contour Brush (CB): Oddly enough, I don’t reach for the CB while contouring, though it’s a great generic, all-purpose brush.

Expert Face Brush (EFB): This is by far my favorite brush for liquid foundation.

Stippling Brush (SB): I tend to use this brush most for a light wash of bronzer, though I tend to not reach for it as much in general.

Setting Brush (SB): The SB is great for blending under eye concealer, especially a powder concealer or setting power like Well Rested by Bare Minerals.

Pointed Foundation Brush (PFB): I tend to only use the PFB for mask application.

Detailer Brush (DB): The DB is great as a lip brush or concealer application for the inner eye area (or any other concealing of the hard to target areas of the face).

I have yet to talk myself into purchasing brushes from their Bold Metals collection. I feel like I would definitely view those brushes more critically given that they cost more than twice the amount of the original line.

The colors are beautiful and I have yet to hear a negative review, so I’m very much intrigued by the new launch.