Wen Styling Creme

I’m loving the Styling Crème by Wen!

I’ve been curious about Wen as a brand for some time.

Much to my delight, the Wen line is now being carried at Sephora (I’m not a fan of infomercial shopping).

The Styling Crème is pretty great.

It can be likened to a thin pomade, similar to Vaseline in texture and appearance.

It’s a fantastic product for accomplishing the air-dried, textured, French chic look.

It’s mildly and pleasantly scented and not sticky in the least bit.

The Styling Crème is my go to weekday hair product when I barely have enough time in the morning to brush my teeth, let alone style my hair.

The Styling Crème works equally well whether my hair is dripping wet, damp, or dry.

I work a grape sized amount through the ends of my hair and voila!

That’s pretty much the extent of my daily hair routine.

Wash, condition, use a dollop of Wen’s Styling Crème to fight frizz and add a smidge of body and texture.

Wen Styling Creme

Now a word of warning to folks with super sensitive skin like myself.

I have noticed a few blemishes popping up on my neck here and there.

This happens most when I either have my hair rubbing again my neck, or when I sleep with my hair down without having washed the product out.

In all fairness to Wen, this is a common occurrence for leave-in hair products and me.

I realize that it’s a “me” issue and not a “Wen” issue, but it’s definitely something that those with sensitive skin should look out for.