Thayers Witch Hazel Pads

The Astringent Witch Hazel Pads by Thayers stink, literally but definitely not figuratively.

Saying something stinks is not necessarily an insult.

For example, the Biologique Recherche Lotion p50 smells like salad dressing made with apple cider vinegar. However, it is one of the most amazing (and expensive) chemical exfoliators ever!. I am a firm believer in associations. I believe that if a product creates amazing results, but doesn’t smell great we train our brain to like the smell because we associate the “odd” scent with good outcome. Essentially, we re-wire our associations, making what was once odd a pleasant experience.

I agree this all seems a bit too dramatic for skincare. However, I’m easing myself into likening the witch hazel scent to a rancid medicine cabinet. With that out of the way, the product itself is pretty great.

Witch hazel extract is derived from the leaves and bark of a North American plant by the same name. From a medicinal standpoint, witch hazel is used for its anti-inflammatory properties. Witch hazel is the perfect astringent for acne prone skin, considering pimples are just one giant inflammation.

Similar to the Trader Joe’s Aloe Vera Gel, these are witch hazel characteristics which should not necessarily be attributed to the brand. However, Thayers is more or less synonymous with witch hazel. What I particularly loved about these pads is that they are doused in witch hazel and don’t dry out for months. The pads also have a textured surface which helps to squeeze in a tad more gentle exfoliation.

Availability: Health food stores/online

Scent: very strong medicinal scent

Color/Texture: 60 white pads soaked in clear liquid

Size: 60 pads

Shelf Life: Not stated on container

Price: $ 7.99

The Verdict: I love it! I use the pads morning and night after cleansing and have never experienced any irritation or dryness.

I would love to get some recommendations on natural toners.