UV Plus HP Broad Spectrum SPF 40 by Clarins

The UV Plus HP Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Sunscreen by Clarins is by far my favorite sunscreen!

The formula is runny, but applies beautifully.

You give the bottle a good shake and apply.

The thin sunscreen sinks in within seconds.

Skincare gurus tend to recommend a quarter-sized amount for sufficient coverage and protection.

It doesn’t leave a white cast on my olive-toned complexion.

It is oil-free, making it ideal year round, even for us oily faced individuals.

It equips your skin against UVA as well as UVB rays and has a sun protective factor of 40.

UV Plus HP Broad Spectrum SPF 40 by Clarins

This product is a bit of an overachiever. If all the criteria I listed above were not enough, it’s also unscented and has yet to result in a single pimple for me.

Essentially, this is by far the best sunscreen I’ve ever tried. Thank you Chelsea for putting this awesome find on my radar!

Granted, it cost $41.00, but it’s worth every single penny in my opinion.

I highly recommend giving this a try if your skin is oily, sensitive, acne prone or suffers from any other condition that has made you shy away from sunscreen thus far.

Ultimately, the best sunscreen is the one you’re most likely to use regularly.

I have not skipped using sunscreen since I cracked this bottle open so I feel comfortable with my grandiose claim of calling this little gem by Clarins the best sunscreen I’ve ever used.