REN Micro Polish Cleanser

The Anglophile in me has the tendency to want to purchase anything mentioned by British beauty bloggers.

As soon as the dust from the Hydraluron hype settled, the hype for Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask ramped up. Since then, I couldn’t wait to get my mitts on all things REN.

Lucky for me (not lucky for my wallet), the brand is widely available at Sephora and I have yet to be disappointed.

The REN Micro Polish Cleanser is an exfoliating cleanser.

Though the exfoliating beads are finely milled, the cleanser is still quite gritty and potent.

It’s not particularly drying, but likely not ideal for dry-skinned folks.

I generally tend to use chemical exfoliants on my extremely sensitive skin.

Every once in a while though I really like to give my face a good scrub and physically slough off the dead skin.

REN Micro Polish Cleanser

I suggest not being too aggressive when applying the scrub as it can feel rough at first.

I enjoy giving my face a good scrub at night and either applying an overnight mask or facial oil afterward.

The removal of the surface skin cells allows you to soak up all the skincare goodness and wake up with a glowing, smooth face.

The only downside is the price to product ratio, but I like the end result enough to justify the price point.