Simple Face Routine

Masks and massages are great, but I find that the more layers I add to my daily skincare routine, the less likely I am to maintain it.

I’ve whittled my day-to-day routine down to 3 products and I’m really happy with the results:

Intensive Eye Contour Cream by Shiseido

This is a very tacky and emollient eye cream. I experienced milia around my eyes at first, but the milia slowly went away the more my skin got used to the thick and heavy formula. At $55.00 this is quite the investment. It sits on the skin, keeping the under eye area lubricated all night. This might not be so great for daytime use, although I have heard some comment that the tacky texture makes it an ideal base for concealer.

Mela-D Anti-Brown Spot treatment by La Roche-Posay

This is a great treatment, designed to fade hyperpigmentation over time. This treatment is to be used during the day to combat against the formation of new brown spots. It’s very light, sinks in quickly, and easy to use under mineral and liquid makeup.

Lait-Crème Concentre by Embryolisse

This moisturizer is the epitome of French pharmacy skincare. It’s reasonably priced. It’s rich and emollient, yet non-comedogenic and great for sensitive skin. It’s perfect, especially in the dryer winter months.

I’m really happy with this trio of products, mainly because they are simple and effective. It’s unlikely for me to skip this routine, even on my laziest of nights.

This again proves that the best routine is the one your most likely to keep up.