The Eye Cream by Caudalie

The Eye Cream from the Premier Cru line by Caudalie is insanely expensive.

Having said that, I definitely feel that skincare should be regarded as an investment.

The eyes and the neck are the two areas that are affected most harshly by the aging process. Aging is a beautiful thing and a privilege, so my intention is not to focus on erasing signs of aging.

Rather, my goal is to find quality products best suited for treating delicate areas that tend to not have much resilience against the cellular breakdown brought on by aging.

We should embrace aging gracefully, but not look tired and worn down in the process.

Now on to the eye cream in question.

Obviously, it’s good. BUT is it worth the $99.00 bucks?

Fortunately for me, I had a chance to try out this huge sample size for free.

It was offered as a VIB gift with purchase from Sephora months ago.

The tube lasted me over 2 months, so I was really able to give the product enough time to show its worth.

What I learned is that I’m not a good candidate for this cream. I don’t suffer from puffiness or darkness, the two aspects of eye care this cream tends to be lauded for.

I was mainly looking for hydration and smoothing out of fine lines.

I didn’t find it particularly effective for either.

It’s a fine enough eye cream overall, but not 99.00 dollar’s worth if your needs are similar to mine.

What I love about this eye cream is what I tend to love about all Caudalie products, which is their overall ethos and commitment to natural treatments.

They are an ideal brand for anyone suffering from sensitivities brought on by harsh chemicals such as dyes and fragrance.

This is especially important for the delicate skin around the eyes.

It you suffer from puffiness or darkness then this is for you.

The light texture performs really well under makeup so it can be worn in the AM and PM.

For me personally, I’m not compelled to splurge and invest in the full size bottle.

Currently, I’m working my way through the Wrinkle Resist 24 eye cream by Shiseido. I will follow up with an in depth review. Any eye cream recommendations are much appreciated in the meantime.