Hair Oil

Whether it’s argan, coconut, ojon, rosehip, or rosemary, the ever-increasing presence of oils in the beauty industry is undeniable.

Personally, I’m a fan!

I find that high quality oils are one of the last unadulterated ways of externally infusing the skin, the largest organ in the body, with nutrition.

In today’s post I’m featuring two hair oils: Argan Oil Hair Serum by Josie Maran and Rosemary Hair Oil by Weleda

Though both are called hair oil, I tend to use the former as a hair treatment and the latter for scalp massages.

Argan Oil Hair Serum by Josie Maran

This is a viscose, mildly (and pleasantly) fragrant hair treatment.

I like to warm up a quarter-sized amount in my palms and work the treatment through damp hair from the ear down.

The Argan Oil Hair Serum is a perfect treatment for achieving the tousled look without using heat, while keeping frizz at bay.

It’s very similar to the Agave Oil Treatment, though I find that the Josie Maran version tends to not weigh down the hair as much.

Hair Oil

Rosemary Hair Oil by Weleda

I must admit that I love Weleda as a brand, so I was not surprised to love the hair oil.

The Rosemary Hair Oil is a wonderful scalp treatment.

It’s a no fuss, unscented oil in very simple packaging.

Nothing has provided my scalp with more relief. Especially during the winter months when my sensitive scalp develops eczema-like symptoms.

Once a week I like to apply a palm full of Rosemary oil directly to my scalp and give my scalp a good, deep massage. Depending on how patient and committed I’m feeling at the time, I tend to either leave the oil on for an hour or put my hair up in a bun and use the oil as an overnight treatment.

I would recommend shampooing twice following the massage in order to fully remove all oil residue from the scalp and hair.

 Hair Oil

I’m excited to see which oil will be trending next.

My bet is on rosehip oil!