Supergoop! Hand Cream SPF 40

The hands are one the most unforgiving, yet all too commonly forgotten areas in our fight against signs of aging. The Supergoop! Hand Cream with Sea Buckthorn SPF 40 PA+++ is an amazing way to combat rough and dull skin, while minimizing hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.
The hands are arguably the most washed area of the body. We wash our hands multiple times throughout the day (I hope) and we also use our hands to wash everything else. Our poor hands are put through a lot, but we’re so busy worrying about our face that we forget to show our hands (and neck) any love.

Living in Southern California means I drive A LOT. It also means that my hands are often wrapped around a steering wheel, absorbing every damaging ray the sun has to offer.

I’d been on the hunt for a good hand cream with SPF for a very long time. Much to my surprise, this was a rather challenging task. I don’t like using body lotions with SPF on my hands because they’re always too sticky and don’t absorb quickly enough.

I tried a few, mainly AHAVA, No. 7, and Avon. All have an SPF of 15. They were okay enough, but nothing I was particularly impressed by. The Supergoop! hand cream was my fourth, and by far my favorite.

It sinks in super quick and has a very mild citrus scent. You can touch things within minutes of using it without leaving greasy fingerprints everywhere. I’ve used, and hated their Sunscreen Mist, so I didn’t have very high hopes. This product, however, totally makes up for the previous fail.

The only negative thing is the size. There are two options, a tube and a pump version. The tube is 30 ml, $11.00 and tiny. The pump is 300 ml, $29.50, and inconvenient for carrying around. It’s great to leave on your desk, but I’m thinking that if I’m sitting at my desk chances are I do not need SPF.

Availability/Store: Sephora, Nordstrom,

Scent: Mild citrus

Color/Texture: white lotion

Size: 1.0 fluid ounces/30 ml

Shelf Life: 12 months

Price: $11.00- $29.50

The Verdict: I LOVE the product, but hate the size. I feel like Goldilocks and would like a third size option.