Clarins Sunscreen for Eyes

The Sunscreen for Eyes Wrinkle Control Cream by Clarins is an amazing, yet discontinued product.

I’m baffled as to why high quality products that sell well are discontinued. I even contacted Clarins and they confirmed that while the facial counterpart is still alive and well, the eye version has been long gone.

While I hate to review a product that cannot be easily obtained, I want to make mention of the concept of sunscreen specifically targeting the eye area. These sorts of very specific products fall under the “unnecessary must have” category for me.

Most people use the same sunscreen on their face and body.

If you want to get fancy you have 2 separate sunscreens, one for the face and one for the body.

If you want to ultra-fancy, borderline high maintenance (like myself) then you have one for the face, one for the body, one for the eyes, and of course there’s always the trusted hand cream. I must confess that I find more pleasure in researching and purchasing sunscreen that in actually using it, but I’m optimistic that I’ll become disciplined one day.

I bought mine at Nordstrom roughly a year ago for $28.00.

I noticed that some sellers still have it on Amazon, but the prices tend to land in the $40.00 range.

This product is great at providing sun care, BUT it does not provide hydration or any slip.

With SPF of 30 it’s awesome on its own, but not great under makeup. Applying foundation or concealer over it is a waste as no amount of blending will help.

If you find facial sunscreens are too harsh for your eye area, then try looking into products targeting the eyes.

I didn’t know such a thing even existed, but love the one I’ve tried so far.