Happy Healthy Gut

I first came across Jennifer Browne’s book entitled Happy Healthy Gut, while browsing through Alicia Silverstone’s website (www.thekindlife.com).

Jennifer had struggled with IBS for years. Her journey for a holistic approach to dealing with her painful symptoms had led her to a vegan, plant-based diet.

She collaborated with Dr. T. Collin Campbell (of the famous China Study) to chronicle her journey and share the fruits of her labor.

One must not be in agreement with her views in order to benefit from her insight. As such, I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in becoming educated about different approaches to nutrition.

I’m not preaching a vegan diet by any means, but rather a mindful approach to nutrition.

No amount of external products such as skincare or makeup can undo the long-term damages brought on by poor nutrition.

We should aim to be mindful of the fuel we choose to put in our body.

The mindfulness should not be treated like a burden, but rather as a personal investment.

The healthier you are on the inside (emotionally, mentally, and physically), the better you look on the outside. This is a classic win-win and an undeniable perk to eating well.

What I enjoyed most about this book is that a lot of the information Jennifer is sharing is commonsense.

BUT, most of us are always drowning in responsibility and obligations and are too busy to appreciate the wisdom of commonsense.

I know I need to sleep regularly, exercise, and minimize my intake of processed foods. Do I always succeed at doing so? Not really.

Having someone spell it out and cite the reasons behind why something (i.e. the value of sufficient fiber intake) has become commonplace and commonsense inspires me to commit myself to developing healthier habits.

I hope that this book will inspire you take a step toward placing more value on your mind, body, and overall health.