Victoria's Secret Sheer Love

Fragrance is a crucial step in getting ready. Considerable time is spent in selecting the perfect scent; appropriate for season, event, or that special someone you want to wow with your “natural” aroma.

Yet despite all the time, effort, and money, often times we don’t get our return on investment because the smell vanishes into the ether nearly as soon as it escapes the bottle.

A sure fire way of prolonging the life of any smell is to layer it.

Most perfumes are now offered in many different forms.

Companies like Victoria’s Secret have been offering body care in a variety of forms such as shower gel, body butter, and fragrance mist for years.

Each item offers a mild version of the scent, whereas all 3 layered together ensure longevity.

The shower gel preps the canvas, but the real star is the body butter, which primes the skin by creating an oily surface for the mist to cling to.

Scent has the ability to trigger memory as quickly as it wafts through the air. For those who aim to be unforgettable, a lasting signature scent might be something to consider.