Pureology Precious Oil

Pureology’s Precious Oil makes me feel like I have a giant candy store in my hair.

The smell is so so sweet and yummy!

It’s made of a combination of oils including coconut, jojoba, olive, and sunflower oil.

Pure coconut oils solidifies in cooler temperatures, so in addition to their individual benefits I suspect the remaining oils are used to “temper” the coconut oil and keep it smooth and liquid.

It’s silicone free, but still provides the hair with a smooth, slick finish.

It’s meant to hydrate hair damaged as a result of coloring.

The star of the show is the coconut oil. The increasing presence of coconut oil in hair products is for a good reason, although I’m sure super annoying for folks who hate the scent. Most oils coat the hair, whereas coconut oil’s molecular structure allows it to actually penetrate the hair.

The only way to truly fix damaged hair is to cut it. Despite bold claims, nothing can actually mend split ends or fried hair. This product is more like a Band-Aid than a cure. In the case of split ends the purpose of putting a Band-Aid on the damaged ends isn’t to heal the ends, but to keep the damage from running up the shaft.

This product boasts of restoration and color vibrancy. I don’t know about that, but I like that it adds moisture and softness the dry ends.

I rub approximately 3 pumps between my palms and run it through my ends. I tend to use it more on damp hair, but the results on damp or dry hair tend to be similar.

It’s a tiny bottle that lasts forever!

 Availability/Store: www.Ulta.com

Scent: very sweet coconut scent

Color/Texture: clear, thin oil

Size: 1.0 ounce/ 30 ml

Shelf Life: 18 months

Price: $12.00

The Verdict: love it! It does a really decent job of adding moisture without weighing the hair down. Don’t go overboard, however. In this case more is not always better.