Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye

I’m torn about Kiehl’s as a brand.

They are marketed as using natural ingredients, but they are owned by LꞌOreal, and therefore listed on the PETA website as one of the many companies that partake in animal testing.

I understand that it would be naïve to expect otherwise, but as a consumer I have higher standards for brands with higher price points. Mentally, I equate natural brands with being more “green” overall, so I was surprised of their status on the PETA list. Call me crazy, but in my happy little universe somehow testing on animals cancels out claims about being paraben and silicone free.

 I will now get off my soapbox and discuss the actual product at hand, the Midnight Recovery Eye cream.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye

Though I have oily skin, the skin around my eyes is very thin and dry. I also have very sensitive eyes so my eyes tear up within minutes of using most facial moisturizers in place of an eye cream. This eye cream is gentle and moisturizing. I don’t have puffiness or dark circles, so I can’t comment on either of those aspects.

Similar to its facial counterpart, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, the eye cream is meant to be used at night. It is moisturizing, but I never noticed my under eye area to be particularly moist or supple in the morning.

 It is described as not having any fragrance, which is misleading. It has a floral, herbal scent as it is made of essential oils. They should reword the description to read “no added fragrance” as I would imagine the essential oily scent can be somewhat strong for people who are sensitive to perfumes.

Availability/Store: Kiehl’s Store and Online, Nordstrom

Scent: mild perfume with a hint of floral/herbal

Color/Texture: semi-thick white lotion

Size: 0.5 fluid ounces/15 ml

Shelf Life: 6 months

Price: $ 36.00

The Verdict: Overall, I’m not over or underwhelmed. This is as basic product.