Nip & Fab Stiletto Fix

Similar to finding Soap & Glory, Nip + Fab is yet another U.K. brand I was super excited to find in the U.S.

I hear British beauty YouTubers talk about all these awesome brands they happen to come across at their local Boots or SuperDrug, so randomly stumbling upon them while making a nail polish remover run is cause for giddiness. Sad, but oh so true!

By the way, is it me or have some major U.S. stores divided up the U.K. drugstore market? It all started with Target selling Soap & Glory along with Boots and No. 7 in 2008. Then Soap & Glory graduated to Sephora. Ulta has grabbed its share of the game with Real Techniques brushes and Nip + Fab. Walgreens is selling Hydraluron and other Indeed Lab products. All we need now is for someone to start carrying Sleek Cosmetics and all will be well with the beauty world.

Moving on, the Stiletto Fix is my first foray with Nip + Fab. Aside from the general lubricants found in most lotions and balms, the main ingredient in this product is peppermint oil. The peppermint is meant to be soothing and cooling. It is cooling, but not particularly soothing or at all moisturizing.

Nip & Fab Stiletto Fix
Nip & Fab Stiletto Fix Sample

The directions instruct to wash the feet, preferably using a pumice stone, followed by massaging the feet and legs with the cream. Independent of the lotion, the first 3 steps of these instructions will make any cream feel soothing. The blood flow stimulated by washing, using a pumice stone, and massaging alone will produce soothing effects, so what’s so special about this foot cream?

I wasn’t impressed. It’s okay, but the synthetic peppermint scent is mildly nauseating.

To be fair, my excitement over finding the brand may have resulted in unrealistically high expectations.

Availability/Store:, Walgreens, Nip & Fab online, Ulta

Scent: Peppermint

Color/Texture: semi-thick white lotion/balm

Size: 2.54 ounces/ 75 ml

Price: $9.99

The Verdict: I don’t wear stiletto shoes and this cream still didn’t managed to “fix” my feet. I think I would be a tad less critical if the claims weren’t so bold right off the bat. If you sub-title something “SOS Stiletto”, it’s safe to say I’m going to expect you to deliver.