Bath & Body Works Sleep Spray

The success of this product might be attributed to a placebo effect, but so what?

The Sleep pillow mist is a part of the Aromatherapy line by Bath & Body Works.

It’s made of vanilla and lavender essential oil. It’s designed to infuse your pillow with soothing, calming, and stress relieving scents to ease you into sleep.

I have a terribly hard time winding down at night. Regardless of how sleep deprived I feel, I still have a hard time quieting my mind after a long day. I suspect I’m not alone in this, but I have the bad habit of planning and making mental to do lists for the next day. Of course, this has the opposite effect of calming down my thoughts and turning off my brain. I can pretty much use any help I can get when it comes to developing a healthy sleep schedule.

Bath & Body Works Sleep Spray
Bath & Body Works Sleep Spray

That’s where the Sleep spray comes in. I think sleep time rituals are just as important as the actual sleep-inducing properties of the product. With time and consistency, the brain will learn to associate certain behaviors with certain outcomes. So if you use this spray at nighttime you tend to associate the scent with sleep.  Overtime you might even begin to feel drowsy whenever your smell the scent. It’s the same as feeling hungry around noon because we’ve learned to associate 12 pm with lunchtime.

The only instructions are to spray your sheets and pillow, wait until the spray dries, and jump into bed. I really like the spa-like scent. It’s definitely not as potent as pure lavender oil which might be a good thing for those sensitive to strong, herbal scents.

I find that adding vanilla dilutes the scent and to a degree lessens the efficacy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Pure lavender oil might be too strong for most. This combo is a good all purpose option. Not to mention that the mild scent makes your bed smell awesome! I feel like I’m going to bed in a fancy spa.

Availability/Store: Bath & Body Works

Scent: lavender and vanilla

Size: 5.3 ounces/ 156 ml

Price: $10.00

The Verdict: This spray gets me excited about getting ready for bed. The result of this slumber-inducing goodness is possibly the result of a hint of aromatherapy coupled with a dash of placebo effect, but hey, who am I to question things that cause me to get more sleep?