Guava Body Butter & Shower Gel by Korres

The Guava Body Butter & Shower Gel by Korres are a no fuss, basic cleaning and hydrating duo.

I purchased the travel size of both the body butter and the shower gel from All Cosmetics Wholesale for $5.00, but the brand is readily available at Sephora and various online retailers. The full size shower gel (13.93 ounces) retails for $19.50 and the body butter (7.95 ounces) retails for $29.00.

I like the shower gel as it produces a nice amount of suds and slip without leaving any residue. It’s neither moisturizing nor stripping. It’s a basic body cleanser.

I like the body butter for the same reason. It’s not impressively hydrating, but it moisturizes without any residue or tackiness.

I like that Korres as a brand embrace the less processed approach.

Their products always contain ingredients such as fig, basil, and guava.

So what’s so special about guava and how is supposed to help our skin?

Guava is a tropical fruit, similar in taste and texture to passion fruit and papaya.

It contains vitamin A, C, K as well as lycopene (also found in tomatoes).

Vitamins A and C and lycopene have anti-aging/antioxidant properties. Vitamin K acts as a brightening agent, helping with uneven skin tones and hyperpigmentation.

All this pretty much makes guava natures little gift to our skin.

Can we really absorb all of this goodness through a shower gel and body lotion? I’m not convinced.

It seems like ingesting the fruit is more beneficial in that regard.

I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I really dislike the smell of guava and in turn the smell of these two products.

I find the “too ripe” (dare I say mildly rancid) scent of the fruit off-putting.

The scent is definitely diluted and more powder-like with these two products, but I’m still not a fan.

I generally like using a body soap and lotion and/or mist from the same line in order to layer and strengthen the scent. I didn’t find that approach to be effective with this line.   I was more or less scentless as soon as the lotion dried, but given my lack of enthusiasm for the scent I considered that to be a blessing in disguise.

I’m glad I bought this and got it out of my system, but I won’t be repurchasing. What are some skin conditioning treatments you’re implementing during the dry, winter months?