Alph-H Liquid Gold

Alpha-H is an Australian brand, but I mainly know it through UK beauty bloggers.
Alpha-H Liquid Gold is a toner and a chemical exfoliant. It tones the skin by maintaining pH levels. Is it me or has pH balance officially become a “bandwagon” in skincare?
Regardless, the product makes the bold claim of having firming capabilities with “a single application”. The user is instructed to use the toner every other evening over the face and neck area.
Upon absorption, the toner can be followed up with a serum/moisturizer combination. It can also be used on its own for more intense results. Of course, I chose the latter.
The main ingredients in Alpha-H Liquid Gold are glycolic acid (GA), licorice, and silk protein.
The GA reacts with the upper layer of skin (epidermis) to break up and exfoliate the dead cells, potentially removing surface imperfections such as hyperpigmentation and fine lines.
Licorice results are mixed, but generally licorice is used topically for its anti-inflammatory effects on conditions such as eczema. Essentially, it can aid in calming the skin.
Silk protein creates supple skin by increasing moisture levels. The protein binding properties also creates firmness. In a nutshell, the cells are full of moisture and sticking together tight.
All the sloughing off of the epidermis can leave the skin quite vulnerable, so the user is advised to use sunscreen (up to one week after discontinuing use).
I’ve used up the entire 100 ml bottle and have yet to have an opinion about this product. My face tingled the first few times I used it, so naturally I assumed it was working. I have yet to notice a difference in the appearance or texture of my skin. I’ve always used it on its own (for maximum results). To its credit, I have never had a negative reaction, despite having extremely sensitive skin.
Scent: Mild rubbing alcohol scent
Color/Texture: Clear/water-like
Size: 100-200 ml
Shelf Life: 24 Months
Price: 39.00- 50.00 USD
The Verdict: Overall, I’m happy I tried it, but will not be repurchasing this toner. I love GA toners and have had positive results with the Proactiv toner in the past, but the Alpha-H version didn’t do anything for me. I am, however, excited to try other items from the brand.