The Firminator
The Firminator

Silly name for a good product? I think so.
The Firminator by Soap & Glory, which claims to smooth and tone “bumpy arms”, is a gimmicky product with potential.
Soap & Glory might be a drugstore brand in the U.K., but it’s an exciting find in the U.S. The Firminator line contains two products; one targets the bikini area and the other targets arms. It’s not clear whether “bumpy” refers to loose skin (potentially due to weight fluctuations) or keratosis pilaris (KP), often referred to chicken skin.
The arm-toning version contains caffeine, Elastiboost-A, KuKui nut oil, AHA/BHA, and “Smoothbump Spheres”. Caffeine is a stimulant so it’s likely to increase circulation. Menthol is also listed as an ingredient. This explains the almost immediate tingling feeling which occurs upon application. I suspect the Elastiboost is intended to mimic collagen, but to my knowledge the skin does not absorb topical collagen. The kukui oil is a moisturizer and AHA/BHA are acids often used to exfoliate the skin and combat KP.
The directions instruct to 1) use a grape size amount on each arm 2) work the product into the skin until all the beads have dissolved 3) wash hands immediately.
I tend to use this product only after showers and a good arm scrub. I feel like exfoliating the arms improves absorption.
U.S. Availability/Store: Sephora (online & in store)
Scent: mild peppermint
Color/Texture: blue gel-like lotion with orange micro beads
Size: 4.2 fluid ounces/125 ml
Shelf Life: 24 months
Price: 34.00 USD
The Verdict: I don’t recommend this product for KP as I have not noticed any improvement in the texture of my skin. I am convinced, however, that my arms feel ever so so slightly tighter and firmer. I am interested in continuing use to test the long-term effects of this treatment.