Restorative Pre-Cleaning Treatment

Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment by Ojon taught me that there’s a nut out there called Ojon. Who knew?

Ojon oil is derived from the nut and husk of the American palm tree.

Ojon oil contains high levels of fatty acids and antioxidants.

It’s restorative in that it contains products often found in healthy, virgin hair.

In looking through the Ojon website, I noticed that the Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment product no longer exists. Since my purchase, Ojon have stepped up their game, apparently reformulated their product, and added the word “plus” to the end of the product title. I haven’t tried their latest iteration yet, but I’m assuming it’s an amped up version of the same thing, which is pretty great!

The current formulation can be purchased in two different sizes. The small (1.5 ounces) retails for $19.50 and the larger tub (3.1 ounces) retails for $33.00.

Essentially the product is to be applied 5 minutes prior to washing. After 5 minutes you are to continue with your hair routine as usual (shampoo, condition, style, etc…)

Until learning that Ojon is a nut, I was convinced that this paste-like treatment was mud-based. It looks like mud, it smells like mud, and it applies like mud.

The application is easy, but two points regarding the scent: I personally like the muddy/earthy/pile of fresh dirt scent, but the scent lingers.

I found that the scent lingers not only in my hair, but also on my hands.

I am always able to pick up the scent even after 2 washes.

I’m not convinced that damaged hair can be restored, per say, but one can maintain the damage and keep things (e.g. split ends, brittle hair, breakage, etc…) from becoming worse. That’s where this product comes in.

It does a really great job at hydrating hair without creating residue or heaviness.

Overall, this is a great hair treatment. It’s quick, effective, relatively affordable, and nourishing.

Are there any drugstore products, which produce similar results at a lower price point?