Phytorhum Shampoo

Phytorhum Shampoo by Phyto is literally one of the most underrated products ever!

I first discovered this little gem in 2011, back in the day when the amazing Laura from was known as lollipop26.

She raved about Phytorhum, so naturally I made a mad dash to Sephora to purchase my first bottle and haven’t looked back since. Sadly, though Sephora carries the Phyto brand they no longer stock Phytorhum specifically. I usually purchase mine. through or Amazon.

Phytorhum shampoo is essentially eggnog in a bottle. What I love (which most tend to dislike) is the bottle. It used to be glass which was switched to a metal-like, tin bottle. I realize that this is not travel friendly, but given the rum and the reactive nature of the ingredients, a plastic casing would potentially react with the ingredients and compromise overall quality.

Phytorhum Shampoo
Phytorhum Shampoo

Now, on to the awesomeness in the bottle. Though slightly thicker in consistency, the shampoo itself looks and smells like eggnog. Given that the two main ingredients are rum and egg yolk this makes total sense.

The alcohol in rum stimulates the scalp. Egg yolk is amazingly nutritious and packed full of vitamins such as biotin. The instructions advise to wash twice, the first step is for cleansing and the second step is for treatment. The first step is meant to remove the sebum from the scalp and follicles. The shampoo is then reapplied after a good rinse, but this time it’s meant to be left on for 5 minutes like a scalp mask.

Phytorhum doesn’t produce great lather, but does a great job of cleansing without being stripping. It also does wonders with breakage as well as shedding due to scalp build up. It costs $22.00, but you can stretch the life of the product by using a more affordable shampoo for the first wash and using Phytorhum for the treatment step only.

It’s safe to say I’m a fan!

Are there any haircare products you have been wowed by recently?