The POREfessional

The POREfessional by Benefit Cosmetics is awesome!

As of late, it is being offered in 3 different sizes:

0.25 Oz: $10.00

0.75 Oz: $31.00

1.50 Oz: $42.00

I wanted to picture the original size (0.75 Oz) along with its mini counterpart to demonstrate the size difference. I find that people who have to make the purchase online without having seen the product in person often don’t have an accurate side-by-side comparison.

The product itself is pretty great. A small pea sized amount will do a decent job of covering the T-Zone, the area in need of priming and powdering for most.

It’s a flesh-toned, paste-like formula, which spreads easily and blends into your skin.

Most importantly, it does not ball up under the buffing motion of foundation brushes.

It has a dry (but not drying) finish, so it’s suitable for both mineral/powder foundation as well as liquid foundations.

I think of it as spackle for my T-Zone. It fills in the pores and allows for smooth foundation application. I still have to use blotting papers throughout the day, but I find that the POREfessional allows my face to stay intact longer.

Overall I’m really enjoying the POREfessional!