Fancy Pits

Are armpits a body part worth investing in?

I seem to remember a time not too long ago when deodorant was a hygiene necessity and not an item of luxury.

I’m not sure exactly when this changed (maybe it had something to do with Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit). Deodorants have gone from taking up some shelf space to having their own exclusive aisle at the supermarket (a trend that has not been lost on the likes of Sephora). Having options is awesome! Too much variety, however, can be a bit overwhelming.

I’ve listed the 3 anti-perspirant/deodorants I’ve had on rotation recently:

Fancy Pits

 Secret (anti-perspirant/deodorant)

Scent Expressions Clear Crystal Gel is a classic drugstore offering. It costs less than $4.00 in most places. All the scents are mild. The formula dries clear and tends to last for the better part of a workday.

 LAVANILA (deodorant)

The Healthy Doedorant by LAVANILLA is a healthier option. It costs between $10-14 bucks (depending on size). It comes in a solid stick, free of parabens and aluminum. I have a couple of issues with this deodorant. Most run of the mill formulas are usually more than sufficient for me, but the Healthy Deodorant simply doesn’t make the cut. Additionally, you have to be heavy handed with the application. The stick is hard and dry and doesn’t particularly glide on.   I do LOVE the natural approach, but feel like this is not for everyone.

Donna Karan ((anti-perspirant/deodorant)

Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan is by far my favorite. I hate the fact that I love it because it’s so darn expensive. At $24.00, it’s literally luxury for your pits. In its defense, unlike the LAVANILA formula the Cashmere Mist solid stick is balmy and applies smoothly. It deposits the right amount of product to provide protection without being wasteful. On a normal day, I can still smell the soft powdery fragrance wafting through the air every time I move my arms 12-14 hours after application.

Secret’s Clear Gel and Cashmere Mist are at either end of the armpit care spectrum for me. Can’t go wrong with either, so it’s really a matter of how much you’re willing to invest in your pits.