La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 SPF

It may seem out of season to discuss sunscreen during the winter months, but I’m a firm believer of treating sunscreen as a year round product.

Just because you can’t see the sun it doesn’t mean that the sun’s damaging UV rays can’t see you.

As a medium-toned, oily faced gal I find sunscreens challenging.

They are either too oily or leave a grayish finish.

The Anthelios Mineral sunscreen (SPF 50) is semi guilty of the latter offense.

If you’re pale and have normal skin, then is the right sunscreen for you.

It retails for around $30.00, can be easily found at drugstores, and you get a lot of product. It also performs well under makeup.

 The gray, ashy finish is apparent on my medium skin.

The finish is less obvious once the product sinks in, but I would still not recommend this for medium to dark skin toned folks (especially not when worn on its own).

Caroline Hirons and Dr. Marko Lens, the man behind the luxurious skincare brand Zelens, have put together an AMAZING and comprehensive video on all things SPF. Hopefully this video will once and for all answer the question: what’s the difference between chemical versus physical SPF?