Nars Murad Mario Badescu

Toners are currently enjoying a wave of newfound appreciation in the skincare and beauty world. Gone are the days of stripping, alcohol scented concoctions.

In come the purpose-driven toners, which aim to buff, balance, and brighten.

Caroline Hirons, the beloved skincare blogger and guru, deserves a lot of credit for educating today’s skincare enthusiasts about proper toner usage.

These are 3 toners I’m currently cycling through and very much enjoying.

Nars Murad Mario Badescu

They are at 3 different price points, but all very effective and high in quality.

Starting with the most expensive:

Hydrating Freshening Lotion by Nars

Depending on place of purchase, this can range anywhere between $35.00-40.00.

It can be either used as a toner or a pre-moisturizer treatment.

I like to apply it to my face following a good cleanse before applying moisturizer.

A less pocket friendly use for this is to make at home hydrating masks, made popular by the Japanese skincare guru, Chizu Saeki.

Simply soak cottons pads in the hydrating lotion and apply the pads much in the same way a sheet mask is used.

It has a runny, gel-like consistency. It sinks in almost immediately, dries quickly, and feels hydrating.

Hydrating Toner from the Resurgence line by Murad:

This is a great and affordable toner. It costs less than $30.00, it is easily found at Ulta and Sephora. One bottle can last 3-5 months despite daily use.

While the Nars toner is good for hydrating, the Murad toner is great for balancing the pH of skin’s surface. This is great for sensitive skin. It has a mild spa-like scent. It is also very refreshing and calming.

Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater by Mario Badescu:

Easily the most bang for your buck!

It smells like rose water (a major plus for me).

I love that all the ingredients are essentially listed in the name.

It costs less than $8.00 and can be easily found in stores and online.

Even some Urban Outfitters stores now carry the Mario Badescu line. It’s cheap, hydrating, refreshing, and by the far the best smelling.


I like to switch them up depending on how my skin feels. Although to be perfectly honest, I probably reach for whichever happens to be closest, as I love them all equally.